It’s a blue peanut!!

So it finally came around, the big day when we got to find out the colour of the baby.  After a short wait the sonographer finally came around to show us baby’s sex, there was no denying that we are most definitely having a little ‘baby boy’!  I am unbelievably excited about having this baby and it’s even more exciting now we know what baby is.  Somehow it seems to make it a bit more real! 


The only downside of finding out it was a boy is that we had not come up with any boys names, absolutely none, zero, zip, zilch, nada!!  This resulted in the rest of yesterday evening being mainly a discussion about boys names whilst we had a meal and the rest of my family and friends drank copious amounts of wine in celebration.  Let’s just say that they weren’t much help with their suggestions of Goliath or Bertrand, we like unusual names but seriously!!
However, we do now have 2 names that we like that were both suggested by Ant but we are keeping them a secret for now, as you always find someone who tries to put you off.  I’m sure we will get there in the end, we still have another 20 weeks to prepare for little ‘baby boy’s’ arrival.

On a more pressing matter, tonight is another night of celebrating (just because we can) and I am being taken to a rooftop cocktail bar by my lovely friend Tiff.  This means getting all fancied up, which I haven’t done for a long time, and spending the night drinking lots of delicious, non-alcoholic cocktails, a bit of dancing and generally putting the world to rights. 
My dilemma is I now no longer fit into many of my clothes due to bump being on the increase.  To deal with this I have enlisted the help of another of my lovely friends, Ash to come over today and help me try on my clothes and generally cheer me up when nothing fits!  It sounds ridiculous but I like to show bump off to the rest of the world so people can see that I’m pregnant and not just fat, not hide bump under unflattering baggy clothes but there’s a thin line between clothes fitting and clothes squeezing nowadays!  On that note I’m going to go get dressed before Ash gets here. 


Wish me luck! 


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