Driving Diggers at Diggerland Yorkshire

Diggerland has been on our list of places to visit for ages. It’s so close to where we live and we’ve said we would take Luca a few times. We finally got to tick Diggerland off our list a few weeks ago.

The first thing we commented on when we arrived at Diggerland was how close the parking was to the entrance. It’s perfect for leaving bits in the car, like a picnic, if you wanted to. You can easily nip out to grab it as long as you get a stamp on your way out so you don’t have to pay on your way back in again.

As we walked through the doors we were greeted by our first digger to sit in for a photo.  Once we had been through the main entrance you walk out into the park itself.  Luca was astounded by all the diggers that greeted us.  Whilst Luca got his head around all the rides to choose from we nipped into the café to grab a coffee. As I ordered coffee’s Luca & Ant jumped on the coin operated, indoor go-karts. I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most. Continue reading

The Gruffalo at West Yorkshire Playhouse

We all know and love The Gruffalo (and if you don’t where have you been for the past 18 years), so when we heard it was coming to the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go.

The Gruffalo has pretty much been part of Luca’s life since he was tiny. He even has a few of the characters in teddy form. We have both the book and the film and no matter how many times we read or watch it, it never grows old.

It really is an iconic book of childhood now so we were really intrigued to see what the adaptation by Tall Stories would be like. As we sat and waited for the performance to begin Luca could barely contain his excitement.

The Gruffalo West Yorkshire Playhouse

It’s safe to say it really didn’t disappoint. It was lively throughout and the characters did a great job of drawing the audience in. There was lots of audience participation too, with the children having to help by roaring as loud as they could and filling in the infamous lines from the book. Continue reading

Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord

One of Ant’s favourite things about being a dad is that he gets to immerse Luca in all the things he loved about his own childhood.  First it was superhero’s.  Luca knows so much about DC and Marvel he could probably give Stan Lee a run for his money.  Then we had Star Wars, followed closely by Pokémon.

Now its Power Rangers.  I think Ant really loves that he can sit and watch Power Rangers still without everyone thinking he’s a total nerd.  He just uses Luca as his excuse.  They quite often sit and watch it together and then pretend they are Power Rangers running amok around our flat. It doesn’t drive me mad at all!!

So when asked if we would like to review the Fisher Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord, I didn’t really get a choice in the matter.  They obviously said yes. Continue reading

#fdMiniCritic Review of Northern Ballet’s Goldilocks & the Three Bears

On Friday 28th October we were invited to the Northern Ballet’s Goldilocks & the Three Bears.  Luca was asked by First Direct to attend as a mini critic and they sent him a pack to help him with his important role.  This included a good old fashioned disposable camera, which he never put down, and a personalised notepad and pencil.  It also included lots of goodies to throw a teddy bear picnic for his new teddy to help get him in the mood for the ballet. Continue reading

Darlo Baby Clothes

When the lovely Chloe from baby wear brand Darlo contacted me to ask if we would like to review some of their clothes I was very excited, their products are so bright and cheery whilst being very chic and simple that I would have loved to dress Luca up in them.  Unfortunately though my (not so) little man is it bit too old for them now so instead I had to choose someone to gift them too.  

I introduced you all to the lovely little Jax in this post recently, and because he’s just so cute (hence why he makes me so broody) I thought he would be the perfect little model for them.  So after a quick chat and a coffee we got him all dressed up and ready for his close ups.

I will leave it to his wonderful mummy, Jade to let you know what she thought of the clothes. 

Today me and Jax, my five month old bambino, got the chance to play dress up and what fun it was! When Franki asked if we were coming for coffee and a play date I jumped at the chance to go talk to another mummy and see my mate Luca.  Little did I realise what a morning it was going to be. After Jax’s morning porridge, Franki gave me a gift, nicely wrapped in white tissue paper  from the company Darlo.  Inside was a gorgeous matching set of vest and joggers in stunning colours, the combination of orange and green were so different it was refreshing on the eyes. Most baby items are in the same boring colours but these were such beautiful colours I couldn’t wait to put them on Jax. The softness of the clothes, which are made with organic cotton, made me feel like Jax was wearing the finest of silks. 

When I read the information and tags, the company Darlo, have a really special concept behind the clothes, each product purchased will feed a child in India for a week. Thinking about this made me realise, we buy new clothes for our baby’s so frequently without giving it any thought, when one outfit could feed children in India for a week! This made me realise how lucky we are to be able to put Jax in an outfit that is comfy for him, colourful and unique whilst also helping others in the world too. 

From now on every friend with a newborn baby or upcoming baby shower will definitely be receiving some of these products from me. 

As I’m sure you’ll all agree Jax looks very dapper in his new threads and as Jade said all the new babies I know will be gifted some of these gorgeous clothes.  When we have another baby I’ll definitely be buying some too, I just love the bright colours, much more appealing than white or plain boring clothes and equally perfect for either boy or girl I reckon.  Not only are they so colourful but they also help towards such a good cause.  If we can make our little people look stylish whilst doing a good deed for those less fortunate,  then I’m not sure there is more of a reason to buy these clothes.  Oh and it’s free delivery on all UK orders.

You can find the gorgeous clothes from Darlo on their website here.

Thank you again to Darlo for gifting us these clothes and for running a business that is helping the world to be a better place for children in need. 

You can also find Jade’s brand spanking new blog JadeTuesday here, go show her some love people, she is a frigging fabulous lady!

Perfect Personalised Pyjamas!

Christmas is nearly here, it’s like 2 sleeps! I’m so so excited.  I’m also happy that the cold has eventually crept in too, it’s been so mild this year but finally winter feels like it’s truly here. One thing I love to do in winter is buy us all new pj’s to keep us warm on these cold nights. Warm, snugly, wintry pj’s to sleep in but also for those cosy days in, snuggled on the sofa watching Christmas films and eating chocolate. I’m pretty sure there is a law too that you have to have new pj’s on Christmas Eve! Isn’t there? 

Anyway, this year Luca has been lucky enough to get some of the best pj’s yet from My 1st Years which I was going to save for his Christmas Eve box but I just couldn’t resist getting him in them earlier.  They are quite literally the most gorgeous pair.

Before we even looked at them we knew they were going to be pretty fabulous, I mean just look at the packaging.  

Once we’d dared to open the beautiful box and tear back the tissue paper we were greeted by a little personalised bag with his new pyjamas nestled inside.  The bag is now hung in Luca’s room and every morning when he gets dressed he pops his pj’s back in the bag ready for that night.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t normally buy a pair of pj’s for Luca for £20  (FYI they are now in the sale for £14) but after being kindly sent these Snowman pyjamas by My First Years I will definitely be going to them next time we need some. The quality of the fabric is great, they are just so, so soft and toasty warm. We’ve already washed them and they still feel brand new.  I love the simple design on the front, understated but perfect and Luca looks absolutely scrumptious in them.  Plus with the Olaf effect this year they couldn’t be a more perfect design, snowmen are the new black don’t you know?

If your looking for a gift these would tick all the boxes too. I would be more than happy to have received these for Luca as a gift at Christmas or for his birthday. They really are wonderful and I couldn’t recommend them anymore.  

Thank you My First Years for such a great pair of pyjamas! We love them. 
If snowmen don’t tickle your fancy there are so many personalised gifts to chose from and honestly you’d be hard pushed not to find something you like, I promise. Plus they have a winter sale on now with up to 50% off, what more could you want!? 

Also, we have kept the box the pj’s came in and will be filling it as a memory box for Luca. Filled with all the things that were special for him and us as a family in his 1st years. 

My Little Yellow Mellon

Not so long ago I was contacted by the fabulous online childrens wear company, Yellow Mellon and asked if we would like to review some of their gorgeous clothes. When they arrived I was over the moon as the items they had picked out for us were perfect and they went straight into our suitcase to take away with us on a weekend break.   

Yellow Mellon were a brand I hadn’t heard of before but I am so glad that I have now.  They stock some gorgeous little pieces for boys and girls from birth upwards at really reasonable prices.  I have my eye on a few things that I think would look fabulous on my niece, as well as some more bits for Luca.   From pj’s to coats they cover a wide range of products and even have some Disney Frozen pj’s in for girls up to five.   

These are the gorgeous pieces we were gifted and I am so grateful for them, they have been worn and worn again and still look great and I’m sure Yellow Mellon must have predicted the weather for our little break as the hoodie was perfect.  

Hoodie – Yellow Mellon; Checked shirt – Yellow Mellon; Jeans – Nutmeg & Wellingtons were a gift.

This gorgeous, fleece lined hoodie was a perfect cover up during our drizzly weekend away. It feels supremely snug, goes with pretty much anything and comes with detachable tools for playing on the go, which I think is such a clever idea. There is Velcro on the inside of the pocket to attach them to for safe keeping. 

I adore Luca in this checked shirt. It is really versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  He has worn it to a few parties and meals out! I love the colour too, it suits him so well, just look at him, so cute! 

We were also gifted some jeans but I haven’t taken any photos of Luca in these yet as they are a little too big for him and the pictures just won’t do them any justice. Once they fit him nicely I will post some pictures of him modelling them.

I am so grateful for these pieces as they really have become staples for us and worn on so many occasions, so thank you Yellow Mellon for providing us with some excellent items of clothing.

The Dogs Balls, and other toys!

Everyone in our family get presents at Christmas and, as I’ve mentioned previously, because Lilah is part of our family she is no exception. Lilah was well and truly spoilt this year thanks to Swell Pets.  She got a Mikki Dummy, Sharples ‘N’ Grant Smart’y’Ball & a Kong Fetch Stick. 

Mikki Dummy

  The Mikki Dummy is a great little toy for retrieving. Made from cork it floats so can be launched into a lake or two for those dogs who love to swim but even if it’s only going to be used on dry land it’s a nice sturdy toy for throwing.  As it’s bright orange it’s also pretty handy for being able to see in long grass when the dog can’t find it.  Lilah loved it and exhausted herself tearing around the fields chasing after it.  The only downside to this is that as Lilah is a terrier she likes to kill her prey/toy and killed the Mikki Dummy fairly quickly.  We did manage a few outing with it though.  If you have a dog who will just retrieve without the killing instinct then it seems like it would last a good while. The canvas is nice and thick so seems like it would withstand a good amount of rough and tough through the grass and trees, it’s just not a chewable type toy. 7/10
Kong Fetch Stick
The Kong Fetch Stick was an absolute winner.  Lilah adored this.  The long rope and shape of the Kong makes it super easy to throw a long way (even with my girly throwing attempts) and the tennis ball type material makes it hardwearing and chewable for those dogs who like a good chomp on their way back from retrieving it.  9/10 

Smart ‘y’ Ball

Finally was Liliah’s Smart’y’Ball.  This ball is a genius invention.  It has been designed to light up upon impact and stay lit for 5 minutes.  This means walks in the dark become a lot easier for the owner without the worry of losing yet another toy to the night. When the toy arrived though I wasn’t sure she would like it. The ball is made of hard plastic so not at all chewy or soft for the mouth and she showed no interest in it whatsoever.  However, once she realised it meant she could have a good chase in the dark she soon became a fan.  It is literally the best idea ever and not only does it mean you can see where the ball has landed as it glows red, it also means you can see your dog too when it’s in their mouth.  For those of you with black or dark coloured dogs you’ll know where I’m coming from on this one.  We have had so many comments on this toy and when people see Lilah trotting along with it glowing in her mouth it brings a smile to their face.  Our ball has already run out of battery but that’s because we left it in the boot of the car and I’m assuming as we were driving it was rolling around in there and therefore lit up the whole time, opps!  7/10 

All in all, every toy went down a storm with Lilah but the Kong was a definite winner with all of us and we have already bought her another (she does like to destroy toys but in comparison to others it has lasted her a long time).  

There are plenty of toys to choose from on the Swell pets website for every kind of dog as well as everything else you could ever need as pet owner.  We will be using them again when we are on the hunt for new toys or other dog accessories.  

*Disclaimer* We were very kindly sent these products in exchange for our honest review. All words and opinions are my own. 

Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream

I’m not sure there is anything cuter than a child’s rosy cheeks after a walk in the fresh air, but with the winter weather causing havoc to skin I want Luca’s rosy cheeks protected, not chapped by the cold harsh weather.  As I’ve said before I am officially in love with Weleda products, both for Luca and myself, mainly because they cured my boys itch when nothing else seemed to be working, but also because of the range and quality of their products.  So when we were very kindly gifted some Calendula Weather Protection skin cream, I instantly slipped it into Luca’s changing bag for the next time we headed out on a walk.  It wasn’t long before we used it when we went to Temple Newsam for a little autumnal photoshoot.  Before I got Luca wrapped up in his pushchair I slathered his face in the cream.  As usual it smells delicious (do any of their products not!?!) and Luca kept opening his mouth and trying to lick my hands as I rubbed it in.  Truthfully when I squirted some into my hand I was concerned it was going to leave his face greasy and therefore would make him cold in the wind but like all their products we’ve tried so far it sunk into his skin so quickly leaving it soft and smelling good enough to eat.  

After our walk in the wind and cold his cheeks were rosy red but still super soft and squishable! 

I have since used it to protect his chin and under his nose when he was dribbly and snotty from teething and a cold.  His skin was starting to get cracked and sore from all the nose wiping but one use of this fab stuff and his skin was back to being baby soft. 

We now use it every time we leave the house for fun in the cold; Pumpkin Picking, Bonfire Night, Carol Singing, you name it we used it. The Calendula Weater Protection Skin Cream is our new best friend and literally goes everywhere with us, and don’t tell Luca but I also steal it to slick onto my lips to protect them from the harsh weather.  Best lip balm I’ve used by far.  

Once again Weleda, you’ve stuck to your word, your Weather Protection Skin Cream really does what it says on the tube, no wonder it has won so many awards. Best of all though, my boy will still be a beautiful skinned one even through the cold months.

I now have a wish list the length of my arm for other products to try and most of them are for me! 

Disclaimer *I was very kindly sent the Weather Protection Cream for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own*