Luca is 5!

5 years old, that’s come around quickly. How on earth did Luca get to five years old already? It’s madness I tell you. I can hardly remember him being a baby anymore.


At five years old Luca is pretty awesome.  I’m so proud of him and the little boy he’s turned into.  He’s kind, caring and shows lots of empathy towards his friends and others.  He’s doing well at school and really seems to enjoy going and learning new things. His reading skills are fab and recently we started to read some Roald Dahl books together at bedtime, which he loves.  So far we’ve read George’s Marvelous Medicine and The Magic Finger. Continue reading

In a Nutshell ~ July 2016

July was an absolutely jam packed month.  It seemed to go on forever but in the best possible way.  We did so much brilliant stuff.  So without further ado, here is our July in a nutshell. Continue reading

My Wild Ones ~ A weekend of 4th birthday celebrations.

On Sunday Luca turned four.  That’s nowhere near baby years anymore is it. Four!

This is the first year Luca has fully understood the concept of his birthday and he woke up instantly knowing that the living room would be filled with presents for him.  But before we talk about his actual birthday lets rewind a day to the impromptu party we threw for him.

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Luca is 2!

I cannot believe that just over 2 years ago my life was to be completely changed in the blink of an eye. Two whole years has passed since Luca came silently into this world, lay on my chest with his huge blue eyes just staring into mine and made my life complete.  

Two whole years of love and laughter, moments that are gone forever but never to be forgotten. 
Two whole years of finding my feet in the all encompassing role as a mother. 
Two whole years of watching my tiny baby grow into a perfect toddler. 
Two whole years of rediscovering the world through a child’s eyes. 
Two whole years of loving someone more than I ever knew was possible. 

At two years old you are truly a little boy now. All those little traces of my baby are gone. We have done so much in your two years but this is where we are at right now.  

You are still my little chatterbox. Constantly yattering away to whoever will listen and even in your sleep you talk.  When we aren’t talking we are singing, currently Wheels on the Bus is your favourite song to sing in the car.  Being my son though you don’t like the original version, instead we remix it and sing lines about Auntie Ash, Nona, Papa and Lyla as well as all your friends at the childminders. 

Very recently you seem to have taken it into your own hands and decided that we are toilet training. It is something I haven’t pushed on you, I haven’t wanted to rush you into it and hinder your progress in the long run but it seems you are ready now and your already doing really well just a week or so in. 

From 12 weeks of age you have been going to swimming lessons.  I am so very proud of how confident you are in the water and feel my decision to spend all that money has definitely been worthwhile. I am also in turn more confident with you in the water so it’s been a good thing for us both. As this term came to an end though I made the decision to stop taking you. You don’t want to join in with the active teaching, instead you just want to jump in and play.  Now you have the basics such as holding your breath and being able to kick your way to the surface, I am happy to indulge you and from now on your weekly swimming will be you just having fun with either me or Daddy and we will start lessons again when your a little older (if you haven’t already taught yourself by then).

Your getting fussy with your food recently, and constantly nagging for chocolate or an ice lolly. However, your not so fussy that I’m worried and you still eat relatively healthily and well. 

You seem to have inherited a bossy streak (I have no idea where from!?) and like to tell everyone what to do.  One of my favourite lines you say when your trying to do something your not allowed is ‘It’s alright!’ As if you have given yourself permission so I don’t need to stop you.  You have also started to tell me to ‘Go away Mummy’ or ‘Don’t look Mummy’ when you want to do something you know is naughty. 

You are still animal crazy and still a book worm, both traits I adore and hope stay with you as you grow. 

You get funnier every day and your personality and sense of humour are really starting to shine through.  It’s not uncommon for us to all laugh a lot together and sometimes you laugh so hard that you make yourself sick.  In fact you did it three times in the bath the other night. 

I know I say this for every update I have done so far but I really couldn’t be prouder of you my little man, you really are turning into a beautiful, polite and intelligent young man and I couldn’t ask for anymore.  

I love you! 

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

For my birthday we went to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the second time. We went on a Thursday during term time so apart from a few school trips it was pretty quite and after 3 we were pretty much the only people there. 

If your an animal lover and you’ve never been to YWP then you simply must.  Located just outside of Doncaster, it is a really friendly place with lots of rangers around to answer any questions you may have. They have scheduled talks throughout the day too, when they feed the animals and you can see them even closer.  They have 3 enclosures that you can walk around with the animals roaming around you.  There is Lemur Woods, South American Viva and Wallaby Walkabout.  The Wallaby Walkabout is definitely my absolute favourite as you can get really up close and personal with the Wallabies and they even let you stroke them.  This time of year is even more awesome though as they have their little babies poking their heads out of the pouches.  Luca absolutely loved this part, he even managed to sneak a little stroke of a joey when I wasn’t looking! I was only a little jealous! 

He also managed a very close encounter with a squirrel monkey in the South American Viva Enclosure when one of the adolescent monkeys took a liking to his little fingers and grabbed him for a bite of one (which Ant managed to catch on camera). Luckily Luca pulled away pretty quickly and no damage was done but he keeps telling everyone about it.  So if your going with little people keep them in your arms and be a vigilant of the cheeky monkeys and their finger fetish.  There are also Mara, Capybara, Agouti and Rhea wandering around this enclosure.

 We then wandered back to the Monkey Play House & Cafe for a spot of lunch and a little play in the indoor play area which in comparison to some indoor soft play type places is epic! It’s huge and over looks the baboon enclosure which is a nice little touch, there isn’t much food to choose from in the cafe but what they do sell is delicious and not cheap tasting at all.  There are plenty of other food outlets around the park though

We then spent the remainder of our day wandering round the rest of the park, seeing the camels with their new baby, the cheeky zebra chasing the poor Lechwe, the tigers, giraffes and leopard plus lots of other animals before another quick visit for one last stroke of the Wallabies.  We also stumbled upon a beautiful hollowed tree, which I thought would make a great picture.  When I asked Luca to stand in there for a photo he wouldn’t.  Ant asked him what was wrong and he told him “Gruffalo get you”. Once Ant had shown him the Gruffalo wasn’t home he was happy to stand and pose. 

Just as we were heading towards the exit we heard the amazing noise of the lions calling for their tea. It wasn’t a roar but I can’t quite describe what it was, the noise was astounding and so chuffing loud, it gave me goose bumps all over.  We had another quick visit to them to see them eating as it’s on the way to the exit before jumping in the car and heading home after, as I’m sure you can tell by our happy faces below, an amazing day. 

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is currently having some work done, making it bigger and better so we were given an 25% discount voucher as an apology for any inconvenience caused. We will definitely be making use of it again soon. 

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A birthday week!

It was my birthday last week and we took the week off work and spent it as a family. The 9 days we spent together were awesome.  We don’t get to spend that much time together as a family as Ant works such long hours so when we get more than a day together we try pack it full of fun.  So here is our fun filled family week. 

Our week was kicked off in style with Mothers Day, it was a really lovely day full of being spoilt by my boy and spoiling our Mums, Grandma’s and Aunt too.  

5 small bunches of flowers from our local florist/ Uncle Frazer showing Luca how to play a game on his phone/ A private Mummy and Luca moment during all the madness/ Cheeky drinks to kick off our holiday week. 


I was naughty and opened all my birthday cards that I’d already got and went shopping with Ant with the money inside.  We stopped and had a spot of breakfast in a riverside cafe and I truly spoilt myself for the first time in absolutely ages. I ended up with 3 pairs of shoes, some trousers, jeans, 2 cardigans, 3 tops, a t-shirt, new LBD, and some Liz Earle moisturiser, eye cream and shampoo & conditioner.  When we got home we picked Luca up from the childminder and went for a walk and to play in the gardens opposite our flat. We also treated ourselves to ice creams from the ice cream van!

Ice cream from the ice cream man/ My birthday shopping haul


Tuesday wasn’t quite as exciting, we sent Luca to the childminders and spent the day doing chores and food shopping. Rock and roll! I had to work Tuesday night too, so on my way home I stopped and bought some naughty Krispy Kreme donuts for us.

Eating donuts in bed


We took Luca swimming and spent a whole hour splashing and dunking in the pool at Tadcaster.  Luca was so exhausted from all the playing he slept for ages in the car.  We then went back to my mums and had a pizza lunch and played until home time.

Car napping on way home from swimming/ Trying to shake a tree to death/ Football time


26 today, woo hoo! I woke up to kisses from my boys before I was told I wasn’t allowed to get up until they said I could. Luca then came and got me and I had a home made birthday cake waiting for me, lots of flowers, more cards including one with a voucher for Love Miss Daisy, an online vintage store from my brother & sister in law and my favourite breakfast, pancakes!  We then got ready and headed to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the day (blog post coming soon!). I absolutely love it there as you can get so close to the animals even stroking the wallabies! It’s a great day out and we spent the whole day wandering around and admiring all the animals. We then went home to my parents house for a birthday tea (including more cake) and as we were getting out of the car saw one of my best friends riding her horse.  Luca loves Bracken (the horse) so had a kiss and gave him some treats.  
I opened more cards and my fabulous mum & dad got me a gift voucher for a night in an awesome hotel and a night of babysitting from them (more on that when we’ve been but it looks soooooo good) before Luca passed out in Daddy’s arms from such an exciting day.  I  equally was exhausted after such a lovely day, it was absolutely perfect and I think will be hard to top next year.  That evening Luca’s childminder (and now good friends) came round with another card and another gift voucher, they are just too kind. 

Homemade cake/ We made it even in the fog/ Horsey kisses/ Exhausted after a busy day


We decided to take Luca to see Rio 2, his first trip to the cinema. We were well prepared for it being an unmitigated disaster but it actually went really well and he loved watching his favourite birds on the BIG screen and eating his Daddy’s popcorn. He got restless towards the end but not enough for him to be disturbing of others and we made it the whole way through.  I then went for my nails doing as a gift from another fabulous friend before getting myself all dolled up in my new dress for a night out with the girls. It was a half birthday meal, half leaving do for a colleague. There were only 5 of us but it was a great night and I received another 2 gift vouchers that day, one from a friend I saw that night and another from fellow blogger and now lovely friend, the gorgeous Vicki from Honest Mum. My best friend also bought me some delicious treats for pampering with and some cute little bunting which now has pride of place in my kitchen, I love it! 

Posing for the camera/ Enthralled by the big screen/ Obligatory night out with the besty shot


We spent the day playing at home, followed by nap time then a little bit of shopping for rabbit food and Luca clothes (they grow too fast). I treated myself again to a gorgeous soft pink leather biker jacket and Ant bought some t-shirts. We also bought Luca some new DVD’s, Monsters Inc and Planes so we headed home to our pj’s, an ice cream and film night. 

The final day of our week together was spent at my parents doing nothing. Utter Sunday bliss! 

I have had such an amazing week and feel very lucky, spoilt and loved with all the treats and gifts I received from friends and family. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such fantastic people and I have had a truly awesome week celebrating my birthday, so if you are reading this and were involved in any part of making my birthday week so blooming great then I thank you from the very bottom of my heart, you’ve made me a very happy lady! 

1st Birthday Rainbow Party

Birthdays are a big deal in our family so we could not let Luca’s first birthday pass without a party for him.  Months before I began scouring the Internet and Pinterest for ideas for his party and kept coming back to the same simple but effective theme: Rainbow (ok, just multicoloured).

This theme seemed relatively simple but at the same time we could also have made it as elaborate as we wanted.  Basically as long as you can find some different coloured balloons your pretty much there.  We found a helium balloon set in Sainsburys for about £20 which included a helium canister and 30 balloons in all different colours.  We tied them up with ribbon in bunches and dotted them throughout the garden and on the drive so people could easily find the party.  We also left some floating around in the house for children to play with and take home.

We also bought birthday banners for the walls & a big silver number 1 balloon.  

We kept the food very simple with burgers and sausages for the BBQ and then salad and fruit.  Salad and fruit is also easy to work into the rainbow theme as there are some many colourful foods to try.  
I didn’t have time in the end but I was going to make some rainbow pasta by simply dying batches of pasta with food colouring. I’ll just have to find another excuse to do that.

In my experience when you go to a young child’s party there usually isn’t too much for them to do apart from be fawned over by the adults. Not at ours, we had a bouncy castle, ball pit, sand pit and a paddling pool as well as toys to play with, ride on dragons and little tykes big red car.

I have saved the piece de resistance for last, Luca’s amazing cake.  This cake was made for us by my friend Laura, you can find her on Facebook here.  The cake was huge and although people said it was lovely it wasn’t until we cut it open that they got the full effect and everyone’s cameras came out for some photos of it.  It tasted just as good as it looked and was worth every penny that it cost us. It was gone in minutes as everyone wanted a piece meaning I only got to taste the scraps left over.  

We were very lucky that the weather was absolutely fabulous for us, so although we had lots of shady areas for the small people, us adults could enjoy the day sat in the sun having a cheeky drink. 

Luca had a fabulous day and was very spoilt by everyone, we had a perfect first birthday with him and I’m already thinking about what to do for his second. 

New Things July 2013

I’m am way way behind on my blogging at the moment as I’ve been so busy with the wedding, now that is over though I will hopefully catch up soon.  So I apologise if some of my posts are a bit out of order. 

So here are our New Things from July.

New Thing 21: This month was my 1st birthday. I’m now 1.  That means I’m not a baby anymore really but shh don’t tell my mummy. Mummy thinks birthdays should be celebrated, they are a big deal in our family apparently.  So I had my very first birthday party.  It was rainbow themed and I had lots of friends round to play in my paddling pool, ball pit, sand pit and on my new bouncy castle that my Nonna & Papa bought me.  I even had a rainbow cake.  I was very spoilt with lots of people buying me presents and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who bought me something, I loved them all.

New Thing 22: For the first time ever I went on a little holiday this month, apparently it was my mummy’s hen do or something. I went with my mummy, Nonna, Boppa and some of mummy’s friends.  We went to a house in the middle of nowhere and I loved it. There were sheep and dogs and horses for me to look at and stroke, but I wasn’t allowed to ride them.  We were there for a whole weekend and I was allowed to stay up late some nights. I even paddled in Lake Windermere when my mummy went on a rowing boat.

New Thing 23:  I learnt to stand up by myself this month too but I didn’t really like it. It’s a bit scary when nobody is holding on to you. In fact I sat down so quickly mummy didn’t manage to get a picture.  

New Thing 16: This month I went on my first ever hen do, granted it was mine but I have never been on a hen do before. We had an absolutely amazing time and you can read all about it here.

I didn’t do much else last month, if I did I can’t remember it, I’ve been a very busy bee don’t you know.