Beast by Night at Farmer Copley’s

Now I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I make a pretty awesome Sunday roast. My mum has taught me well and I’ve added my own little stamp over the years. This means that I don’t really like going out to eat a Sunday roast. I loathe paying for a meal I could have cooked better myself.  This means that despite eating out a lot, we don’t often eat out for Sunday dinner.

A few weekends ago though we had a really busy Sunday. We had a Christening in the morning and lots of other bits we needed to get done so I couldn’t be bothered cooking. It was the perfect opportunity for us to go check out Beast by Night, the new restaurant at Farmer Copley’s.

As you can probably gather, and if you’ve seen my earlier posts about Farmer Copley’s, it is a working farm, and the restaurant is situated on the farm. Therefore, as you’d probably expect, most of the menu is heavily meat based. Having said that, vegetarians like myself, are catered for too. Continue reading

Nonna’s Easy Christmas Croutons

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start planning food.  Yes, really.  I love Christmas and all that it entails but sometimes the food is so time-consuming and faffy.  At the moment my mum hosts Christmas, she always has and for good reason. She’s very good at it.  Every year she cooks for at least 12 of us whilst making it look like a total doddle. She is a whizz in the kitchen but she is also a mum of three so has many tricks and tips up her sleeve to make the food you serve at Christmas have the wow factor without the hassle.  So when Wren’s Kitchen asked us if we wanted to share a recipe for a Christmas classic with a twist I knew who to ask for help.  Continue reading