Messing about on the river – York Marina Boat Hire

On Sunday we hired a boat from York Marina boat hire and spent the afternoon messing about on the river. It was an absolutely brilliant day together as a family and we made some truly fabulous memories as we sailed up and down the river Ouse.

We arrived at the marina at 12:30 and had our life jackets fitted before my Dad was taken down to the boat for a quick safety briefing and to make sure he wasn’t going to cause total havoc on the river.  I think they must have had a heads up from someone. Continue reading

Farmer Copley's 8

Get lost at Farmer Copley’s Corn Maze

After our great day out strawberry picking we couldn’t wait to get back to Farmer Copley’s for the Corn Maze.  We went at the start of the week and as usual took Luca’s friend, Rowan with us.

We arrived at the farm around 11:30am and headed straight for the corn maze.  After a quick briefing by a Corn Ranger we headed off into the maze. Flag and game sheets in hand. The flag is for if you get totally lost, you hold it up and wave it around.  A Corn Ranger will then come and rescue you.  Neat huh?  The game sheets consisted of three different games plus the rubbings game for younger kids. Continue reading


Holiday from home for cheap, our plans.

This year we are planning a cheap summer holiday from home. As you may know we are dreaming of owning our own home and this is a little closer to becoming a reality.  This means that we are on a real saving spree.  We aren’t having a proper holiday this year, no flights or far flung destinations for us *sob*.  Instead our two weeks off together will be spent at home making memories.

A holiday from home isn’t a new thing to us but we usually spend it visiting various places and maybe even renting a beautiful cottage or B&B for a few nights.   We always end up spending as much as it would have cost to go abroad really.  This year though we are doing everything on the cheap in an attempt to save as much money as we can. Continue reading


My Wild Ones ~ First Horse Riding Lessons

For Luca’s fourth birthday his Aunty Ash bought him some horse riding lessons.  Luca has been riding with me before. He has had a little trot with me whilst Ash runs alongside ready to grab him.  He’s always loved being at the stables and I’ve been dying to get him riding properly for ages.  I couldn’t wait until he was old enough for lessons and at the weekend that day finally arrived. Continue reading


Dreaming of a new home


We have wanted to move to a new home for years.  The flat we live in is lovely, but it was never supposed to be a permanent home.  We moved here when I finished uni about 5 years ago to get back to the area we wanted to live.  It was a means to an end but we haven’t left.  The plan was to stay here whilst we saved for our own home but then I fell pregnant and everything kind of went out of the window.  As much as we have made this place our own and I have enjoyed living here, we have definitely outgrown it now. Continue reading


My Wild Ones ~ Seaside Shenanigans

This time last year we had just got back from an amazing holiday in Portugal.  This year we aren’t having a holiday so to banish my holiday blues we decided to head to the seaside for a weekend of sea, sun and sand. Well sea and sand at least.   We are really lucky that my best friend is from the North East Coast, and her parents very kindly put us up (or should that be put up with us) for a few nights if we fancy a trip.  It has meant that we have enjoyed a couple of visits to stay with them and always have a wonderful time when we are there.  This weekend was no exception. Continue reading


Four, my little Luca is four.

Four years have flown.  I know it’s the biggest cliche in the book but they really have.  I quite simply cannot get over the fact that Luca is now four.  I mean, it feels like yesterday I was fretting over being induced.  It feels only yesterday I was staring into his big blue eyes as he lay silently on my chest immediately after being born.  Those big blue eyes that were filled with calmness and curious wonder. Those eyes that would have a hold on me from that moment on and would help him get his own way a lot of the time.  It feels like yesterday I brought him home, feeling utterly clueless at how to mother him but knowing I would love him and protect him to the ends of the earth from that moment on. Continue reading