My Wild Ones ~ Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park was on my doorstep for almost four years when I was at university.  It’s now only a 20 minute car journey away yet it still is somewhere we haven’t visited.  That is until recently.

We jumped in the car one Sunday in August to meet Hannah of Make Do and Push fame, and her very lovely family.  I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here, Hannah is one of my favourite bloggers.  She is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet.  Hannah always goes out of her way to help me out.  Plus she makes delicious cakes and drinks prosecco with me. What’s not to like eh?

Anywho, we arrived and promptly parked miles away from where we should have been. Then when I rang Hannah to find out where they were Luca fell over in some mud and cried a lot. I had to call Hannah back once the drama had been dealt with at which point she said, “This is why your called Wonderful Chaos, right?” She has a point. Continue reading


Review ~ Disney Character Tsum Tsum’s

As a kid I was never really a Disney fan, however Luca is a huge one. His collection of Disney DVD’s is constantly expanding and we quite often have to listen to Disney songs in the car or at home, whilst he tries to guess the film that they are from with his cousin.  When we were asked if we would like to review some Disney Tsum Tsum’s it was a bit of a no brainer really.

I told Luca he was getting some Tsum Tsum’s sent in the post and he was beside himself with excitement.  Every day the postman came he would ask if there was anything for him, and when they did eventually arrive it was on our way to school.  He had to wait a whole day to come home and open them.  The anticipation must have been eating him alive. Continue reading


Online Golf #OGgetkidsintogolf event.

So golf. Let’s talk golf.  Bear with me, I know what your thinking and no I’m not a middle aged male.

My first real understanding as golf as a sport was crazy golf at the seaside.  Who doesn’t love a bit of crazy golf right?  Then at high school I made friends with a girl who was a semi-professional golfer.  We all just thought she was a bit kooky, I mean kids don’t really play golf properly do they.  Then golf just became something fun to do at weekends in my teens. We used to head to the driving range and whack balls, no real skill involved, just my mates seeing who could hit them the furthest.  That has pretty much been my golfing experience to date.  So when Online Golf invited us to their #OGgetkidsintogolf event in Leeds, I thought why not. It would be interesting at least and may prevent occurences like this happening in the future. Continue reading


Bank Holiday Weekend at the North East Coast

I’ve always hated the beach and the seaside.  From being a child it has never been somewhere I have enjoyed going.  However we have had a few trips to the north east coast with Ashleigh, my best friend.  Whitley Bay on the north east coast is Ashleigh’s home town and every time we have visited it has been an absolute blast, leaving me feeling happy and relaxed.

When we found out it was the Tall Ships Regatta in August, it seemed the perfect excuse to visit again.  This time with Daddy. My parents decided to join us too and so we hired a caravan for the weekend rather than take over Sheelagh & Trevor’s house again.

We headed up on the Friday, setting off late afternoon and trying to avoid the traffic for Leeds Festival.  We made relatively good time given that it was the bank holiday and so traffic was quite heavy.  When we arrived we checked into our caravan, emptied the car and headed straight to the fish & chip shop for our tea.   Continue reading


August in a Nutshell

Well what a month August turned out to be. We wanted to pack this summer to the rafters with fun as I was very aware that my time with Luca was about to reduced drastically when he started school.  I think it will always be remembered as pack full of fun we did.  Here is our August in a Nutshell. Continue reading


Autumn Bucket List

Summer is nearly over and although I find it hard to pick a favourite season (I love all of them as they all offer so much), I think Autumn may just top the list.  Purely because it never really fails to deliver.

I can feel the change approaching as the leaves on the trees slowly begin to lose their colour and the nights are getting shorter. Another huge clue for us is our house rabbit starts shedding her summer coat and I become best friends with our hoover.  It’s such a good job she’s very cute.  Autumn in the UK officially begins on the 23rd September so I thought now would be a perfect time to put our bucket list together.  It’s pretty much the same every year to be honest but this year Luca is a bit older so there are new things we can do. Continue reading


Our cheap summer holiday at home.

This year we made the decision to spend our annual family holiday at home.  We are currently saving like crazy for a house and so a far flung holiday was off the cards.   To save even more money we vowed to do it as cheaply as possible so we made a list of ideas of how to spend our days together.

Out of the six ideas on that list we did five of them and had THE best 17 days together making wonderful memories.  So without further ado, here is what we got up to. Continue reading


Messing about on the river – York Marina Boat Hire

On Sunday we hired a boat from York Marina boat hire and spent the afternoon messing about on the river. It was an absolutely brilliant day together as a family and we made some truly fabulous memories as we sailed up and down the river Ouse.

We arrived at the marina at 12:30 and had our life jackets fitted before my Dad was taken down to the boat for a quick safety briefing and to make sure he wasn’t going to cause total havoc on the river.  I think they must have had a heads up from someone. Continue reading

Farmer Copley's 8

Get lost at Farmer Copley’s Corn Maze

After our great day out strawberry picking we couldn’t wait to get back to Farmer Copley’s for the Corn Maze.  We went at the start of the week and as usual took Luca’s friend, Rowan with us.

We arrived at the farm around 11:30am and headed straight for the corn maze.  After a quick briefing by a Corn Ranger we headed off into the maze. Flag and game sheets in hand. The flag is for if you get totally lost, you hold it up and wave it around.  A Corn Ranger will then come and rescue you.  Neat huh?  The game sheets consisted of three different games plus the rubbings game for younger kids. Continue reading

July in a nutshell 6

In a Nutshell ~ July 2016

July was an absolutely jam packed month.  It seemed to go on forever but in the best possible way.  We did so much brilliant stuff.  So without further ado, here is our July in a nutshell. Continue reading