To Do List 2017

To Do List 2017

To Do List 2017

I make a to do list every year. It helps me focus on what I want to get out of the year ahead and actually achieve it without the pressure that comes with making “resolutions”.

Last year was a good year for crossing things off most of my to do list so I’m hoping for another successful year this year.

As always my list is a mix of life, family, career and leisure goals and I try to make them as realistic as possible. Here is my list for 2017!  Continue reading


In a Nutshell – December 2016

Well December was a crazy crazy month. We squeezed in so much and life threw us a bit of a curve ball. So I won’t waste anymore words on introducing our December in a Nutshell.

Continue reading


To Do List 2016 – Round up

There are only a few days left of 2016 and so it’s time to reflect on my to-do list and see what I actually managed to do this year.  If your interested in my reasoning for the things I chose for my to-do list for 2016 you can see that here. Otherwise I’m just going to go through each item and see where I got with it.

1. Go on the Harry Potter Studio tour.

Not done. Still want to go.

2. Learn to snowboard.

Done. In May we started our lessons and passed with flying colours. It’s been a lifelong dream and so it’s the best feeling ever knowing I’ve actually achieved it. Continue reading

christmas 2

The Christmas Tag

I’m crazy about Christmas. I swear I was an Elf in a previous life. I absolutely love everything about Christmas and eagerly await it’s arrival every year. So when the lovely Lauren from Dilan and Me tagged us in The Christmas Tag I knew I was going to take part.


What’s your favourite Christmas movie? 

I’m not really sure what mine is, there are so many good ones. I love Home Alone and The Grinch though.

Have you ever had a white Christmas? 

Yes, I think I’ve had at least two. I remember one year we weren’t supposed to get any snow and when we woke up on Christmas Day there was loads outside. That was a very special one as it was such a surprise. Living up North has its advantages.  Continue reading


Sneaky Experience Hidden Christmas Market

Last weekend was the start of the Christmas holidays for us. Luca broke up from school on Friday and so we decided to kick our time off together in style with a  visit to the Sneaky Experience Christmas Market in Leeds. Unfortunately Ant was working so we took my friend, Steph with us.

All we knew was that the market was going to be Narnia themed and hidden inside the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey. Sounds pretty magical already doesn’t it? Continue reading


The Dreaded Working Mum Guilt

When I fell pregnant I never realised that for the rest of my life I would be riddled with parenting guilt.  From telly watching (does he watch too much) to tooth-brushing (we’ve all forgotten to brush them a few times right?) and everything else in between.  Parenting guilt creeps up in the strangest of places.  I didn’t realise that everything I did as a parent, I would end up questioning. Every decision I made I would second guess. I certainly didn’t realise how guilty I would feel for being a working mum. Working mum guilt is the worst for me. Continue reading


In a Nutshell – November 2016

November has been a bit of a funny month for us. It’s gone really fast and it’s hasn’t really been particularly exciting, I’m not sure why as we have still have managed to squeeze some fun out of it.

At the start of the month it was Bonfire night. We headed to our local cricket club to watch their firework display. It was better than we expected and the rum was cheap. What’s not to love. Continue reading

The best ‘best friend’

Today is one of my most favourite person’s birthday and I thought it would be a good time to dedicate a little post to her.

Ashleigh is my best friend, and honestly I couldn’t ask for a better one.  We met at University when our friends introduced us.  Apparently she didn’t think I liked her to begin with as I used to give her dirty looks all the time, erm Resting Bitch Face that would be then. After being introduced we then ended up on our own together whilst we waited for our mutual friends to come back. In this time we got chatting about what we had been up to over summer. Both horse riding, and the rest they say, is history. Continue reading

Me & Mine – Nov 2016

I can’t believe it’s December already! The last month of 2016 is here. Another year is nearly over!


November has been a funny old month. We don’t really seemed to have done much apart from chase our tails. 

We’ve had sickness, extra shifts at work and lots of house stuff to sort. It’s been a pretty poop month to be honest but I don’t mind a bit of a lull in excitement before December. I’m all about the countdown to Christmas being jam packed with fun. 

In the mundane days of November though we did get to celebrate Bonfire Night with Daddy which was a treat as he usually ends up working it. 

We went to our local cricket club to see their firework display. It was a really cold night but the rum was cheap so I was more than happy. 

Luca loved watching the fireworks light up the sky before we walked home to snuggle on the sofa and warm up again. 


House Inspiration – The Kitchen

It’s official, the house I was dreaming of is ours.  We have signed on the dotted line and we are now just patiently waiting for it to be built.  I’ve dreamed of decorating our own home for years now.  We done little bits in our flat but when it’s not your own, it’s just not the same.

Since finding out the house was ours I’ve scoured the internet, blogs, Pinterest (mostly Pinterest), and interior design magazines for inspiration. I’m so ready to get my claws into some decorating and soon I’ll be able to. I thought I’d share with you all my dream ideas for each room in our new house.

Let’s start with the kitchen, the heart of the home.  Somewhere I imagine us all congregating as a family with dogs pattering around our feet and food filling the house with delicious scents.  Somewhere I will eventually serve Christmas dinner for my whole family.

Our kitchen is at the front of the house and so it will be the first room you enter when you walk in.  I can already see Luca walking through the door with his school bag, taking a seat at the island in the middle of the kitchen for his after school snack,  whilst I cook tea and listen to stories about his day. That’s assuming we’ve  moved on from his “nothing” answers.

I can see us eating breakfast together on a Sunday morning as the sun streams in through the bay window where our table will be. The radio on in the background and plans being made for the day. Continue reading